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Obstacle Course

.5 mi. Obstacle Course
The Obstacle Course will be set up on the main field and offer a combination of challenges that will cause the kids to go up, over, around and through. The obstacles will include running up and down stairs, through a maze, around cones, through a tunnel, a quick over/under and more hurdles, through a water obstacle to the finish. The Team TREK takes it from there. 

up and over

You will be able to watch your kids from the sidelines or in the stands. If you’d like a closer view, please volunteer for a front row seat.

Obstacle Course – In Order of Obstacles


1.  Steeple Barrier – Get OVER padded barrier.

2.  Under U Go – Scramble UNDER row of covered hurdles.

3.  Tire Hop – Run THROUGH tires, putting at least one foot in each of the tires.  

4.  Bear Walk – While walking like a bear on hands and feet (not knees) move the Gymnic Ball across the line before continuing on.

5.  Balance Beam – Run/walk ON beam to the end.

6.  Bubble Palace – Run THROUGH tents full of bubbles.

7.  Make a Hoop – Stop and make a basket BEFORE continuing on course.  Player must retrieve own missed balls.

8.  Maze of Chaos – Run THROUGH zigzag course between hurdles.

9.  Box Obstacles – Travel OVER wooden obstacles.

10.  Balance Beam Balls – Travel ON beam while holding a medicine ball ON HEAD!

11. Under U Go – Scramble UNDER row of covered hurdles.

12. Mini-Hurdles – Run OVER row of low hurdles.

13. Moon Walk – Travel OVER large high jump pit.

14. Rain Forest – Follow path THROUGH sprinklers.



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