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Greenways Run

From Downtown to Lake Padden (5.5 mi. ish*)

2015 Course Change

Safety First! We rerouted 3 sections of the fabulous Bellingham Greenways Run for your safety and introduction to new places.

# 1 Port of Bellingham / LFS Route

At the top of Taylor Street Dock, where you come out on 10th Street, run to the end of the road. STAY RIGHT! The run course has been rerouted (Thanks Port!) around the big yellow gate and down where the red dashes indicate on the map below.

This reroute was so we could move couple blocks down Harris Ave to avoid congestion by Archer’s Ale House. As a great consequence, you will now have a safer crossing and enter the trail at the mouth of Padden Creek as it empties into the lagoon. If you need a break (or to pass off to your relay teammate) there’s a bench there for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the creek, instead of the sidewalk you used to run on!

#2 Padden Creek Daylighting DETOUR
You’ll take a left off of the Interurban at 16th Street. We’ll have the Fairhaven Lions Water Station with refreshing Culligan Water served by the Greenleaf Team.

Stay to the right on the sidewalk along Old Fairhaven Parkway and follow it – with City of Bellingham Traffic Police as your guides!


# 3 Lake Padden Stairs

I don’t have a photo of this, but as you run up along Padden Creek, we won’t be going all the way up to the intersection as in the past. We’ll be taking an earlier left up the stairs that connect with the network of trails that lead to the Horse Trailer Parking Lot. It’s short and a steep, but it’s going to give better berth for the bikers and make it safer for you.

We hope you enjoy this leg! If you have any questions call Todd

Greenways Leg as Relay Run

This leg of the race can now be shared between two (or three) runners instead of just one. Check out the blog page for the full story. 

Course Description Resources

Greenways Run Map / Watch Video

Begin your journey downtown at The Bellingham Farmers Market. Follow the South Bay Trail to Boulevard Park and on to Fairhaven via the Taylor Street dock. Wind through Fairhaven up the Padden Creek Trail and out on to the side of Old Fairhaven Parkway. Take a right on 34th Street and go to the end where you connect back with the Greenways System up the gravel path to Lake Padden through the woods to end at the Horse Trailer Parking Lot.

(Est. time 45 min.)

* It hasn’t been remeasured with the new course changes. Should all come out even. (te)

Download the Greenways Run Map or Watch the Greenways Run video for a fun overview.

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