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Greenways Run

From Downtown to Lake Padden (5.5 mi.)

This leg of the race can now be shared between two (or three) runners instead of just one. Check out the blog page for the full story.  

Greenways Run Map / Watch Video

Begin your journey downtown at The Bellingham Farmers Market. Follow the South Bay Trail to Boulevard Park and on to Fairhaven via the Taylor Street dock. Wind through Fairhaven up the Padden Creek Trail and out on to the side of Old Fairhaven Parkway. Take a right on 34th Street and go to the end where you connect back with the Greenways System up the gravel path to Lake Padden through the woods to end at the Horse Trailer Parking Lot.

(Est. time 45 min.)

Download the Greenways Run Map or Watch the Greenways Run video for a fun overview.


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