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Mountain Bike

Challenging Single-Track (6.0 mi.)

Mountain Bike Map / Watch Video

USE Caution: Lake Padden is a PUBLIC SPACE. Be cautious, watch out for other users. We mark the course and do our best to alert people that we are out there. If you encounter other trail users, please be courteous. It’s their park too!

WARNING: There are challenging sections of the course. Please be safe- it’s okay to get off your bike and walk some sections.

The Course: Start at Lake Padden horse parking lot, near the tennis courts. The course heads clockwise around the lake along the wide open Lake Trail that parallels the lake. As you pass the Dog Park, you’ll enter into fun single-track. You will climb up into the “Expert Loop” that will drop you down on some sweet switchbacks. The trails wind you back as you enjoy classic Northwest single-track riding. More climbing means more downhill. Enjoy the ride.

Watch the Mountain Bike Course video to see how we loop clockwise through the park.

The course will be well marked with arrows and tape to guide you through. 

Parking: Please park on the right side of Wilkin Ave. or within the park. It would be great if you rode up, took the bus or carpooled with some friends. Space is limited. The WTA Bus is #43 – Yew Street- it leaves downtown at 11:25 am.

(Est. time 50 min.)

Please follow: IMBA Rules of the Trail 


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