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2013 Bellingham Traverse

We are in complete cahoots with the media to spread the message. We especially appreciate the support of the following publications.

Interested in Media Spawnsorship?
2014 Bellingham Traverse Spawnsor Guide (PDF)



KISM 92.9 Classic Rock

Tune into local KISM 92.9 to listen to Brad & John or Scott with the Four O’clock Funny, Five O’clock Free Ride and more.


Adventures NW MagazineAdventures NW Magazine

The leading local outdoor adventure publication with regional coverage and distribution.

Bellingham Herald

Bellingham Herald

The Bellingham Herald is the most widely read newspaper and news website in Whatcom County, It’s a place where they believe in the responsibility to their readers and advertisers to make their products a reflection of this incredible place we call home.



CascadiaWeeklyCascadia Weekly

The local staple alternative weekly, reporting from the heart of Cascadia.

Business PulseBusiness Pulse

For more than 37 years Business Pulse has been the source of information, news, tips, and advice for regional business. From our beginnings in 1975 as a single-county business magazine, we expanded to become the leader in covering Northwest Washington business. During 2012 we began a publishing cycle of four times a year, concentrating on blanket coverage and distribution in Whatcom County in support of the newly-founded Whatcom Business Alliance.


Village BooksVillage Books

Your corner bookstore is also a media mogul in the Northwest.



BakerBus_LOGO_04-20-12_flatMount Baker Experience

The voice of the mountain. Check out the Mount Baker Experience Contributors to see who’s writing their great stories. 

Outdoors NW MagazineOutdoors NW Magazine

Price Media, Inc. is a Seattle-based family-owned business specializing in publishing outdoor recreational magazines and guidebooks. Its anchor, Outdoors NW, targets an active outdoors audience in the Seattle and Portland markets monthly.

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