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Urban Trailday – Sunday, February 21st

I applaud Kevin Hall for taking it upon himself to organize a litter cleanup event to rally his friends to lend a hand to take care of a problem. He chose the pedestrian bridge area going over Whatcom Creek between Ohio St and Railroad Ave (near Wander Brewery).

Urban Trailday

Sunday, February 21st

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

The litter disgusts me daily. It’s unfortunately part of a larger problem with homelessness and other societal issues that our community is contending with continually.

Please join me, my daughter, friends and help Kevin out. Information below is his invitation.

Put the Facebook Event on your calendar.

What better way to celebrate a beautiful winter Sunday in Bellingham than to show your love to your city, environment, and community by pitching in on a way past-due cleanup effort.

The pedestrian bridge area going over Whatcom Creek between Ohio St and Railroad Ave (near Wander) is getting out of control with litter, vagrants, drugs, and loitering.

This is our first of a series of relentless efforts to take our clean, wholesome beautiful city back.

Please take a trip through this area in the next few days and get an idea of what you can contribute.

Trash bags, gloves, pressure washer, scrub brushes, anything you can think of to bring to help clean this dump up. If you don’t have anything then bring yourself.

We will hit it hard and heavy from 9:00 am -12:00 pm, should be enough time to make that zone sparkle.

Measures to keep it this way are being discussed. Any feedback, ideas, solutions, or general help is always welcome and appreciated.
Time to clean up our Bellinghome.



Getting Excited about EXPO!

Recreation Northwest is all about bringing our community together to participate in outdoor recreation, and to protect the places where we play. And for three years now, we’ve taken the lead in bringing together local and regional outdoor recreation manufacturers, organizations and professionals in one place to provide the opportunity to:

  • Share their great ideas.
  • Learn from and about each other.
  • Be informed about the future of the outdoor recreation economy in Whatcom County and Washington State.
  • Engage with the outdoors-loving public.

The Recreation Northwest EXPO provides the public with a one-stop shop of all things related to outdoor recreation: exhibitors range from bike shops and running stores to personal trainers and guide services; from stewardship organizations and races to outfitters and local manufacturers. Great door prizes, giveaways and Boundary Bay Brewery’s craft brews will add even more pizzazz.

As successful events tend to do, the Recreation Northwest EXPO expanded and this year, our exhibitors are even more excited to participate.

We would like to introduce you to four of this year’s exhibitors:

Gerald Craft, McNett

Carol Frazey, Fit School

Ben Twigg, Bellingham Bay Marathon

Ian Ferguson, Mount Baker Experience Magazine



Meet the Exhibitor: Ben Twigg, Bellingham Bay Marathon

Ben Twigg PhotoBen Twigg, Bellingham Bay Marathon

It takes a pragmatic person to run a marathon, and Ben Twigg, race director of the Bellingham Bay Marathon, could be described as such. His take on the EXPO is that it presents a great value in a number of areas that matter to him. “The EXPO gives us great exposure at a local level, and since it grows each year, our exposure grows,” he said. “But even more important is the chance it offers to get to know our local race participants and to hear feedback about their experiences we would not otherwise hear.”

For Twigg, the timing of the EXPO couldn’t be better, since the BBM happens in September (this year, it’s the 25th, which is one week after the Recreation Northwest Bellingham Traverse). “We are at the point where some plans are still flexible, so we can fine tune and improve the race based on participant feedback,” he said.

Twigg also finds great value in the networking opportunities at Basecamp and the EXPO. “I’ll connect with race directors, meet new people and discuss collaboration possibilities. Good ideas always come from these events,” he said. “New relationships and partnerships with other race directors are formed, even though you could consider other races competitors. But we’re really all friends and more interested in synergy and collaboration.”

EXPO attendees will have the chance to learn about the BBM, get their questions answered and register to win a free race entry. Twigg says the new venue should attract even more first-time participants, as well as walk-in traffic. “The Bellingham Bay Marathon is also held at the Depot Market Square, and it’s a great building for the EXPO,” he said. “The potential for foot traffic and exposure to folks who don’t know about the event will be great, and I’m looking forward to benefiting from the new location.”

And, being the pragmatic guy that he is, Twigg offers a little insider tip for outdoor recreation companies or organizations that are thinking about exhibiting at the EXPO: “It’s a very good value, with a lot of bang for the buck,” he said. “It all comes down to cost vs. benefit, and this event offers great opportunity for the cost.”


Meet the Exhibitor: Carol Frazey, Fit School

Carol Frazey Photo by Tyler Michell Photography -Carol Frazey, Fit School

Carol Frazey, who runs Fit School in Bellingham, is a first-time exhibitor this year, but it’s not her fault—she’s been away for the past two EXPOs. But she’s been looking forward to participating this year, mostly because of all the buzz the event generates. “I’ve heard great things from both exhibitors and attendees, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with other businesses, groups and organizations, especially those I haven’t met yet,” she said.

Fit School offers running and walking programs to help women start or improve their running, gain confidence and find that elusive life balance. Coach Carol loves making connections that can benefit her clients, and thinks EXPO will be the perfect place to do it. “It will be so great to learn what others are doing, so I can refer my clients when they need help,” she said.

Frazey is also looking forward to meeting people who can benefit from Fit School. She’ll have current Fit School “students” in the booth to share their experiences and help answer questions. And attendees can register to win an awesome fitness pack, including a free six-week Fit School session, a t-shirt and a water bottle.

This year’s Basecamp and Summit are also on Frazey’s list of must-dos. “I love all the people that I know who will be at the EXPO, so meeting more folks like that will be awesome,” she said. “People who are passionate about fitness and the environment are the type of people I enjoy hanging out with. Plus, hearing about what’s going on in the larger outdoor recreation picture and learning how to further the mission of protecting public access to recreation lands is very important to me.”

Frazey thinks the new location at the Depot Market Square in downtown Bellingham will be great, not only for EXPO exhibitors, but for surrounding businesses as well. “Shops, breweries and restaurants will all benefit from the new venue,” she said.

The Fit School

Meet the Exhibitor: Ian Ferguson, Mount Baker Experience Magazine

IanIan Ferguson, Mount Baker Experience Magazine

As editor of Mount Baker Experience magazine, Ian Ferguson is on top of the outdoor recreation scene in Bellingham. He appreciates the EXPO for the broad cross-section of enthusiasts who come through the doors, including hikers, skiers, mountain bikers and rock climbers, and values the opportunity to ask them firsthand their opinions on the magazine’s content, and what they’d like to see covered in the future. “This is our community, and our market,” he said. “We’ve published stories because EXPO participants asked us to. We’ve also learned about outdoor businesses in town that we would not have known were here if we didn’t meet them at the EXPO. One great example is Aspire Adventure Running.”

Aspire Adventure Running helps runners access remote point-to-point courses by taking care of the logistical challenges. “We met them at the EXPO last year and wrote a story about what they’re doing,” said Ferguson. “It was great exposure for them, and just the type of story our readers love.”

While other events such as Ski to Sea and the Bellingham Traverse offer opportunities for like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to gather together, the EXPO is different, Ferguson said. “The size and full-spectrum nature of the EXPO offers exposure you don’t get at sport-specific events.”

What brings Mount Baker Experience back each year to exhibit at EXPO? “It’s all about community. Todd makes it fun and we have a great time,” Ferguson said. “All the best people come out for EXPO. And the beer is good, too.”


Meet the Exhibitor: Gerald Craft, McNett

Gerald copyGerald Craft, McNett

Gerald Craft from McNett, a Bellingham-based manufacturer of outdoor-related products, finds great value in connecting with the outdoor community at EXPO. Interactions with the public and his fellow vendors often result in a sense of discovery. “We often find out that people know our Gear Aid line of products, but didn’t realize that we’re a Bellingham company,” he said. “The EXPO is also great for putting us in touch with our retailers so we can get feedback on what their customers want and what’s selling.”

Craft enjoys talking shop with fellow EXPO exhibitors and giving away swag to attendees. “The EXPO speakers are great, and you can learn about outdoor opportunities in Whatcom County, but the best part is probably the free stuff we’re all giving away.” McNett will be handing out their popular Seam Grip adhesive, along with water repellent sprays and Tenacious Tape Tattoos, which are tough patches cut in fun shapes (think Sasquatch, squirrels and sharks) that repair tears in your gear, so you can keep having fun.