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50 Volunteers at Q Laundry “You Clean UP Pretty Good” Fairhaven Trail Work Party

Big Shouts OUT to all the volunteers who showed up to help us clean up the trail and make it all pretty to walk along. We had local business support from Q Laundry and Stones Throw Brewery. Regulars from the Bellingham Fairhaven Lions and Boy Scout Troop 7 worked great with our loyal CREW that has been with us since the beginning or joined us along the way.

You Clean UP Pretty Good ~ Q Laundry

You Clean UP Pretty Good ~ Q Laundry

Check out the full photo album on Facebook/RecreationNorthwest.

Thank you to Chris Mellick, RRAD (Run, Ride And DIG) and WMBC (Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition) for the tools and direction to create the experience of a trail that feels like it’s been there for years.

Thank you to Michael Plummer, our Trail CREW leader who helped direct the flow and make everything go smoothly. The appreciation wouldn’t be complete without recognizing Rae Edwards from COB Parks and Recreation Volunteer Program.

Yes, we will be having another work party in September and a ribbon cutting ceremony as well. Stay tuned!

Here’s some of the photos from the full photo album on Facebook/RecreationNorthwest.

THE CREW: Michael Plummer, Chris Mellick, Joel Haggen, Gerrit Van Voorst, Duane Jager, Christine Gibbs, Kaylee Aune, Nadine van Niekerk, Kirk Melendy, Patsy Yaude, Kurt Baumgarten, Todd Eastman, Julia Ensign, Lisa Kaufman, Sonja Max, Erik Lookabill, Kara Kroon, Sharon Evans, Dale Evans, Loren Adkins, Tara Adkins, Chris Barker, Jen Barker, Amos Jackson, Stu Currier, Emma Cook, Colleen Unema, Barry Unema, Lucas Gaston, Soren Ficklin, Chantel Kroon, Laus Leedy, Blue Leedy, Kai Leedy, Brooks Auld, Kellen Auld, Magnus Collander, Calvin Collander, Kelly Hart, Mathew Daluiso, Christian Kraski, Serena Cuera, Zoe Pollard, Sean Hegstad and staff April Claxton and (yours truly) Todd Elsworth.













REI Members Bonus @ Bellingham Traverse/Boundary Bay Mountain Room

REI Members participating in the 2015 Bellingham Traverse will be awarded a beer or root beer, no matter what place you finish!  We’ll be hanging out in the Rainier Room at Boundary Bay from 3-7 with free 2015 Traverse Pint Glasses and a custom batch of (whatever the beer is) or Boundary Bay Root Beer.  

Bring your member card or REI app on your phone for proof of membership.  

One Pint per membership.  

Good luck and we look forward to raising a glass with you after the race!  Cheers!   

Bellingham Traverse Minimizes Impact with Participation Cap


Bellingham Traverse Minimizes Impact with Participation Cap

Organizers aim to reduce impact on trails and parks during multi-sport event by limiting registration to 600 participants.

BELLINGHAM, Wash., August 26, 2015—Today, Recreation Northwest announced that registration for the upcoming Vital Choice Bellingham Traverse will be capped at 600 participants.

The Bellingham Traverse, a multi-sport event celebrating the life cycle of wild salmon, takes place September 19, 2015 in Bellingham, Wash. This fun and welcoming relay race is geared to participants of all levels, from serious competitors to those in costume, focused on fun.

The race consists of five legs: a 5.5-mile greenways run, a 6-mile mountain bike, an 18-mile road bike, a 3.4-mile trail run, and a 3.6-mile paddle, plus a .65-mile team trek to the finish line at Boundary Bay Brewery.

The Bellingham Traverse course winds its way from downtown Bellingham to the South Bay Trail, Fairhaven, Lake Padden, Lake Samish, Fairhaven Park, the Chuckanut Community Forest, Marine Park and Bellingham Bay.

“Recreation Northwest is all about promoting healthy community activities while enjoying, preserving and improving the places where we play,” said Executive Director Todd Elsworth. “Limiting Bellingham Traverse registration to the first 600 participants is a proactive way of protecting trails, parks, and shared public spaces.”

To further engage participants in protecting these spaces, the Bellingham Traverse requires each to abide by the Participant Code of Conduct, which states in part, “I will be respectful of others using parks, trails, waterways and public spaces,” and “I will not litter.”

Bellingham Traverse organizers are still accepting registrations for solo, tandem and relay teams. Families, friends, and local companies and non-profits are encouraged to create a team and register before fees increase on September 4. Registration is open until 7:00 p.m. on September 18 at

Recreation Northwest invites companies to learn more about the many benefits of participating in the Vital Choice Bellingham Traverse, view the company team video and sign up their teams.


To learn more about the Vital Choice Bellingham Traverse, visit To learn more about Recreation Northwest, visit or call 360-739-8458.

About Recreation Northwest

Recreation Northwest is a Bellingham, WA–based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor recreation, and bringing people together to enjoy, preserve and improve the places where we play. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, we work to raise awareness of our public green spaces and their inhabitants, including one of the Northwest’s most revered symbols—the salmon. Recreation Northwest produces the Bellingham Traverse; the Quest Adventure Races; the Race Directors Summit; and the Recreation Northwest EXPO. Learn more at


Contact Information:

Todd Elsworth, Executive Director

Recreation Northwest



August 20th Trail Work Party

A huge thank you to the twenty-two volunteers who joined us last Thursday for our third work-party of the summer. You all sure earned your reward at the end – that was some heavy lifting you did!

It all started by closing down the old trail to give the wetland time to heal and repair itself.

Teresa leading the charge!

Teresa leading the charge!

moving mulch

covering the wetland back up

Bartley covering the former trail.

Bartley covering the former trail.

Allen slinging mulch (2)

Michael marks the milestone!

Michael marks the milestone!

Crew #2 was busy giving a final polish to the new trail and building up the buffer on either side. 

Led by the Boy Scouts! (trail work was nothing after their 50 mile backpacking trip)

Led by the Boy Scouts! (trail work was nothing after their 50 mile backpacking trip)

arranging moss (2)

arranging dirt (2)

Arranging brush (1)

Michael cleaning the forest (just as he learned from his mother)

Michael cleaning the forest (just as he learned from his mother)

Stephanie makes it perfect

Stephanie makes it perfect

Showing us how its done

Showing us how its done

Tamping away (1)

This trail has a lot of love put into it and a lot of that is from Joel!

This trail has a lot of love put into it and a lot of that is from Joel!

but who gets to talk

Humbling and inspiring to see this trail nearing completion! And also to see all the people already out using and appreciating it.

Humbling and inspiring to see this trail nearing completion! And also to see all the people already out using and appreciating it.

What a crew!! Thank you all, and see you next week.

August 20th trail crew (1)

Fairhaven Trail- You Clean UP Pretty Good with Q Laundry!

The fourth Fairhaven Trail Work Party for August is sponsored by Q Laundry.

Thursday, Aug 27th @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

The first 20 people to sign up get Q Laundry CREW T shirts. 

ALL Volunteers will get a “You Clean UP Pretty Good” Q Goodie Bag.


Get in on the ACTION and Sign up today for the Work Party

Work Party Sign-Up

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If you can’t make the party and want a Free Q Laundry Bag and more, sign up for Q Needs U:


See Inside Q Laundry– (click it, it’s fun!)


Fairhaven Trail Work Party #2 – A Bunch of FUN!

Our second Fairhaven Trail Work Party got the trail cleared. The CREW for the day included Charis Weathers, Kym Cummings, Loren Adkins, Kirsten Wert, Keith Kemplin, Patsy Yaude, Jane Yaude, Rai Hughes-Davies, Bill Hotson, Jen Barker, Joel Haggen and Michael Lilliquist. CREW Leader Michael Plummer with Rae Edwards and Anna from COB Parks and Recreation. Recreation Northwest’s staff, April Claxton and Todd Elsworth were out there too!

August 13 crew

The perspective of the Work CREW above was taken by Executive Director (and amateur photographer) Todd Elsworth. Below he’s showing off where he got the shot from:

Photographer monkey

Kirsten Wert from Whatcom SmartTrips lopping roots in the trail.


Quite the CREW!


CREW leader assessing the situation.

Pointing out the obvious

Smile while you work!


That’s the sound of the women working on the…


Fairhaven Lions Gary and Bartley (in the background).


Fairhaven Lion President Joel Haggen


What can I cut next?


It was a hot day with sweat dripping off our brows (and noses)


Having fun making it happen


ED Todd Elsworth with Michael and Rae.




Michael working with Rae to get the big ones out of the ground


Making our way through the trail


Almost done!


The gravel has been delivered and will go in soon!


Big Trucks!


Thank you Cowden!


We have some big piles to spread!


More on 18th Street!


Here’s a time-lapse walk through of the trail on August 15th, 2015. It shouldn’t make you too dizzy…