Northwest Traverse

2015 Northwest Traverse Multi-Sport Series

Get Hooked.

The Northwest Traverse is a series of a multi-sport events celebrating the life cycle of wild salmon and the natural and urban challenges of their journey. See the ROOTS of the event.

Chinook (solo), Coho (tandem), CHUM (relay teams) and Company Teams challenge themselves and one another on rugged courses that highlight the special recreational amenities of our region. Each course includes trail running, mountain biking, paddling, road biking and a Team TREK to the finish in the downtown of the host city.

Get Hooked in Winthrop ~ North Bend ~ Bellingham.

Series Sponsors:

Check out our local and regional Sponsors. They offer us great support to help spread the love and make the series a reality. Thank them the next time you do business with them, please.

Series Calendar

June 13th Sun Mountain Lodge Winthrop Traverse
3 mi. Run, 12 mi. Mountain Bike, 4 mi. Paddle, 20 mi Road Ride and a .25 mi Team TREK to finish.

June 28thVacationland RV Bellingham KIDS Traverse
1 mi. RUN, 1.5 mi MTN BIKE, .5 Obstacle Course and Team TREK to Mallard Ice Cream Finish.

September 12thAlaska Airlines North Bend Iron Horse Traverse 5 mi. PADDLE, 27 mi. MTN BIKE, 24.5 mi. ROAD BIKE, 6 mi. RUN, .25 mi TREK to the Adventure Sports Festival in downtown North Bend.

September 19thVital Choice Bellingham Traverse
5.5 mi. GREENWAYS RUN, 6 mi. MTN BIKE, 18 mi. ROAD RIDE, 3.4 mi. TRAIL RUN, 3.6 mi. PADDLE and .65 mi. TEAM TREK to the Boundary Bay Finish Line and Bellingham Block Party.

Get a TASTE!


Compete in the Full Series

To be eligible for SERIES Prizes, you need to be in all 3 of the 4 events.

Injuries, or scheduling challenges for team members, that’s OK. Remember it’s all about showing up and having fun. Besides, mixing it up gives that many more people the chance to get hooked. All we ask is that you use the same Team Name at every event.

We’ll recognize all the Chinook, Coho, Chum & Company Teams who complete the Series after the finish of the Bellingham Traverse – with something a little extra special for the top 3 in each division, based on overall time.

Sign-up for the full Northwest Traverse Series.
Do all three and use coupon code HOOKED and save 20% when you sign-up for grand finale Bellingham Traverse.


Get your Company on Board

For companies interested in supporting the Northwest Traverse Multi-Sport Series, check out our 2014 Northwest Traverse Series Sponsorship Guide.


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