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Kulshan Quest AR

Kulshan Quest Adventure Race 2017

Race Announcement: We will be taking a year off in 2016 from Kulshan Quest Adventure Race. Our Quest Adventure Race Team will be racing throughout the season- so keep an eye out.

The last time we did it: 2015 Kulshan Quest AR results.

We’ll be back in 2017! Consider Kulshan Quest AR – Your local adventure race! Stamina and Strategy are needed to complete, let alone win the race.

At Kulshan Quest Adventure Race you are given maps with checkpoints identified 30 minutes before the start. It’s up to you and your team to decide the routes you take. Check out a sample map and passport to get a taste.  New to the scene? Try the Recreation (4-6 hour) course that includes mountain biking and trekking. Seasoned or adventurous thrill-seekers try the Expert (8-12 hour) course for kayaking in addition to mountain biking and trekking. 

Thanks to Brent Molsberry for putting on a fantastic race! It was extremely well-organized and the route selection was superb. I’ve ridden in the Chuckanuts on numerous occasions, yet I discovered new trails that I have never ridden during the race. There was a lot of bang for your buck with this race and it was evident that Brent poured countless hours into the race. It paid off for a day filled with fun, adventure, and challenge. So thank you!  ~Sarah Butsch

See a sample map:

Sample Course map

Check out this article about Kulshan Quest in the summer issue of Mount Baker Experience. It’s a great overview of what the race is all about. Then read this re-cap of the inaugural event by the Bellingham Herald: Kulshan Quest Proves Challenging, Rewarding.

 The Recreation (4-6hr) race is a great introduction for those new to adventure racing. For the really adventurous – and fast – the Expert (8-12hr) race will serve as the Pacific NW qualifier for US Adventure Racing Association National Championships.


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