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Gear and Rules


You may use any gear that you’d like for each leg. Our philosophy is BE Safe + Have FUN + Show Respect. We’ll leave it up to you to select the equipment that is going to give you the most joy in your day. If you got it, bring it. If you don’t go here:


For clothing and accessories check out:

Winthrop Mountain Sports
257 Riverside Avenue
PO Box 639
Winthrop, WA 98862
509 996-2886 

Bike Sales & Rentals

If you need bikes, please look to these folks:

Methow Cycle & Sport
29 State Route 20
Winthrop, WA  98862
509 996-3645


I will:
•  Not wear headphones (earbuds) during any portion of the event.
•  Yield to faster participants, oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
•  Be responsible for my own equipment. 
•  Be respectful of others using parks and public space.
•  Obey all traffic laws.
•  Wear a helmet on the biking portion of any event. 
•  Dismount my bike in the transition area.
•  Keep my pets off the course during competition.
•  Be respectful of the volunteers

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