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Look Fishy?

The Traverse is an event designed to celebrate wild salmon. We chose to name our divisions after these regional icons. 

Chinook (solo)
This is our solo division. Also known as King Salmon, Chinook are an important keystone species of the Pacific Northwest. They are a vital food source for a diversity of wildlife, including orca whales, bears, seals and large birds of prey. Chinook salmon is also prized by people who harvest salmon both commercially and for sport. The health of Chinook salmon depends entirely more… 

Female | Male | Masters (40+)

Coho (tandem)
Coho need a buddy. Go crazy and mix it all up. You may leap frog, do legs together using tandem bikes or kayaks (or other self-propelled watercraft) pretty much whatever you feel like doing. Just as long as you’re being safe and having fun!

Female | Male | Masters (40+) | Mixed | Family

 Chum (relay team)

Need all the help they can get. So they bring their friends. Usually, we see teams of 4, but we’ve seen everything from teams of 3 to teams of 15 (they had a big canoe). Feel free to include the kids- it’s a family event.

New in 2014 – Government Agencies will compete in their own CHUM category.

Female | Male | Masters (40+) | Mixed | Family | Government Agencies

Company Teams 
Get your co-workers together and join the fun – we have a special program made just for you. Check it out: Traverse Company Teams

New in 2014 – a discounted rate for Non-profit teams Company Teams!


Divisions – Registration Rates

Solo – $105

Tandem – $160

Team – $240

Company Teams - $350

Non-Profit Company Teams – $250

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