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Emily Caseria

Emily is a member of the Quest Adventure Race Team. She loves getting outside for adventures and sharing them with others.

Wicked Winter AR- Brent’s Recap

Winter Wicked Adventure Race Krank Events

Quest Race Team: Annie Hewlett, Brent Molsberry, Kellen Oetgen, Scarlett Graham


What makes adventure racing stand apart from all other types of races is that word adventure. And you can’t have an adventure without stepping out of your comfort zone. Our first ever Winter AR, the Winter Wicked Adventure Race by Krank Events… Continue reading

Race report Bend AR

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 9:03 PM

*The format of this race report is borrowed from the Team Yogaslackers blog. Thank you Team Yogaslackers for being so inspiring to race with, growing the adventure racing community, and having a great format for race reports!*

Mission: Bend AR (Nationals Qualifier) Location: Bend, OR Time: 32 hours 9 min Distance: ?? Team:… Continue reading

Kranking it out

The third of four weeknight adventure races put on by Krank Events took place around northern Seattle. For this race the Quest Adventure Race Team divided into two teams: Brent/Annie, and Dusty/Emily/me. This marked my first adventure race and while I’ve been on hiking and mountain biking adventures with Dusty and Emily before, this was an … Continue reading

Training on the Tokul Trails

The Krank Events weeknight adventure race series was something I’d had my eye on for awhile, and I was finally able to participate in the May race with Quest veterans Brent Molsberry and Dusty Caseria. The race took place on the Tokul trail system in Fall City, which provided a fantastic labyrinth of singletrack and logging roads through terrain that… Continue reading

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