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The Bellingham KIDS Traverse is a celebration of the lifecycle of wild salmon; in honoring our resilient fishy friends, we have named each of our Traverse Team Divisions after different types of salmon.

We have solo, tandem and relay teams for you to choose from for your child. Get your family, friends, and neighbors together and form a team today. Get hooked! 



Chinook are tough. Also known as King Salmon, Chinook an important keystone species of the Pacific Northwest. It is a vital food source for a diversity of wildlife, including orca whales, bears, seals and large birds of prey. Chinook salmon is also prized by people who harvest salmon both commercially and for sport.

Our Chinook are out there alone. Good luck. We’re here to help!



The coho salmon is also a symbol of several tribes, representing life and sustenance.

Coho need a buddy. This is your opportunity to mix it up. You may leap frog, do all the legs together, or split the run & bike legs and do the obstacle course together; pretty much whatever you feel like doing. Just as long as you’re being safe and having fun!


Chum salmon, also known as dog salmon, are the most widely distributed of all the Pacific salmon and generally occur throughout Alaska. Like most other Pacific salmon species, chum salmon spend most of their life feeding in saltwater, then return to freshwater when mature to spawn once in the fall then die.

Chum need all the help they can get. Usually, we see teams of 3, but you’re welcome to get creative.


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