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BT_run2_no_milThrough Fairhaven Park (3.4 mi.)

Trail Run Map / Watch Video

2018 Note: The trail run will be starting from Fairhaven Middle School with a longer run through the paths in Fairhaven Park Forest.

Stay tuned for an updated course map. 

Click for a PDF

New in 2018!
Start at Fairhaven Middle School. Runners will run down the sidewalk to the intersection. Bellingham Police Traffic Control will guide you across the crosswalk. Continue Run south on the sidewalk on the east side of Chuckanut Drive (orange line in diagram below). 

Runners will follow the route into Fairhaven Park and wind through the woods in the forest. The labyrinth of trails makes for some fun twists and turns. We mark the course so you can find your way in and out. New maps coming soon. 

Total: 3.4 miles.
(Est. time 30 min.)

Parking is available in the upper lots of Fairhaven Middle School and along Hawthorne Road. 

Running shoes equipped for trails



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