Bellingham Traverse


Get Hooked on the Bellingham Traverse, a fun relay race that celebrates the journey of wild salmon. Families, friends and local companies form Chinook (solo), Coho (tandem) and CHUM (relay teams) to run, bike and paddle through Bellingham’s scenic parks, winding trails and open waterways.

Out for Fun

Our intention is for you to get out and have a great time. Hear from veteran Spawners on how they like to approach the Traverse.

“Need to Know”

Course Overview– Details for each leg, including maps.

Event Schedule – Here’s an idea of who’s going to be where when.

Transition Areas – This is where it all comes together. 

Our Sponsors – These strong supporters help make this possible.

The Results – If you want to see your time, please make your numbers visible at the end of each leg. 

Required Gear & The Rules – If you’ve got it, bring it. Be safe, have fun, play nice. 

Recreation Northwest Blog – Get insights into what’s happening around this crazy event.


We like to have fun. Our participants, titled Spawners, are further broken down into four main divisions known as Chinook (solo) | Coho (tandem) | Chum (relay) | Company Teams (for local companies)

Get HOOKED up with a Team

Find new friends and get a team together on our Facebook: Traverse Team Finder.


Become a Traverse Volunteer. It’s a great way to connect with others in our community.


You are a big part of the fun. Whether you are just coming out to watch the crazy people doing the Traverse or you agreed to help your buddy or spouse there’s stuff that we’d like for you to know too. Please be polite to others as you vie for the best location to watch your friends. You must follow the rules of the road too (including parking). If you’re just coming out to watch (as opposed to support crew) it’s best to take WTA or ride your bike around- it’s easy to do!


Looking to connect with a solid demographic of active, good-looking, community members? We’ve got ’em. Partner with us and show your support for the public good. Become a Traverse Sponsor or put together a Traverse Company Team

Public Awareness

The Traverse course utilizes public roads and trails. See our Traffic Impact Summary to see closed roads and traffic control in town.



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