Bellingham Traverse

Code of Conduct

We ask all of our participants to be good ambassadors of our sports and events by demonstrating the following good behavior.

Participant Code of Conduct

I will:

•  Play nice with my fellow racers.

•  Be respectful of others using parks, trails, waterways and public spaces.

•  Give thanks (& a shout out) to the volunteers.

•  Be a good ambassador (volunteer for trail or park work or at other local events).

•  Not litter – pack it in, pack it out (or dispose in appropriate containers).

•  Inform an official if I withdraw from the event.

•  Follow all race rules and adhere to sport specific safety guidelines.


I will:
•  Not wear headphones (earbuds) during any portion of the event.
•  Yield to faster participants, oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
•  Be responsible for my own equipment. 
•  Obey all traffic laws.
•  Wear a helmet on the biking portion of any event. 
•  Dismount my bike in the transition area.
•  Keep my pets off the course during competition.

A reminder that the Traverse is all about FUN and the final Team Trek is a big part of that. Do whatever you need to do to stay together & hang with your cramping paddler – hold hands, link arms, tie yourselves together for a giant three-legged race, whatever it takes. For added incentive, your finish time will be based on your last teammate to finish.


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