Bellingham Traverse


Bellingham Traverse is a fundraising charity event for our organization.

Recreation Northwest is a Park Steward for Fairhaven Park. Working in partnership with city staff, we have chosen to focus on trail relocation projects in Fairhaven Park- working towards connecting the park with the recently purchased Chuckanut Community Forest.


We are proud to be working to relocate unsanctioned trails through fragile wetlands in this special urban forest. The new trails will connect this popular park and newly acquired community forest with a diverse network of trails. The trails will be built to City of Bellingham’s specifications and will bypass the wetlands, allowing increased and enjoyable access for people as well as protecting this important habitat for wildlife and the ecology of the forest.

Here’s the role of our organization as outlined in our Community Stewardship Project post.

This is the story that tells how Recreation Northwest as Community Stewards of Fairhaven Park came to fruition.

Please help and Donate to Recreation Northwest.



The ONE in the past

2013 – Appliance Depot

2012 – Kulshan Community Land Trust

2002 – 2011 – See background story Bellingham Traverse Shifts Fundraising Model After 10 Years

We know that many of you have been raising money for your favorite organizations through your Traverse teams over the years and we encourage you to keep it up!


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