Thank you – Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner for your Fairhaven Park Work Party

Last year we planted 286 native plants as part of our Fairhaven Park Trail and Boardwalk project. It is now our job to keep these plants alive! We have protected the plants with deer fencing to keep hungry intruders out. But that doesn’t keep out the invasive species! I went for a walk with Perry Welch, our wetland biologist, to… Continue reading

2018 Fairhaven Park Work Parties

Recreation Northwest is the Stewards of Fairhaven Park. Over the years, we have built new trails, installed a wetland boardwalk, removed invasive species and planted native trees and plants in our planting sites. We are committed to this place and we hope you will join us, helping to steward the land.

Please consider supporting our stewardship work in 2018 by… Continue reading

Recreation Northwest’s Fairhaven Park Stewardship Project Background

Recreation Northwest became Park Stewards for Fairhaven Park in 2014. We chose this particular park due to the impact we have with the trail run leg of our Bellingham Traverse. We were quickly propelled into taking on a long-term project for the health of the forest and the benefit of our community.

Working in partnership with city staff and… Continue reading

Fairhaven Park Trail & Boardwalk project status update

Our trail work crew from Northwest Trails, Inc. was out there in the thick of it today led by Gerry Wilbour, this first day of November 2017. See photos below.

We also have an update from our wetland biologist, Perry Welch: 

“As of October 31, 2017, approximately half of the mitigation has been installed.  This includes vegetation… Continue reading

Invitation to Sponsor a Trail Work Party in Fairhaven Park

Dear Local Businesses, 

We’d like to extend an Invitation to Sponsor a Trail Work Party in Fairhaven Park

You and your employees value the importance of access to open space in our public lands. We’d appreciate your support for improving access for people into Fairhaven Park while restoring a damaged wetland in the process. The second phase… Continue reading

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