Wicked Winter AR- Brent’s Recap

Winter Wicked Adventure Race Krank Events

Quest Race Team: Annie Hewlett, Brent Molsberry, Kellen Oetgen, Scarlett Graham


What makes adventure racing stand apart from all other types of races is that word adventure. And you can’t have an adventure without stepping out of your comfort zone. Our first ever Winter AR, the Winter Wicked Adventure Race by Krank Events… Continue reading

Tommy Takes on Quest

Tommy Lingbloom’s account of his first Adventure Race: Kulshan Quest, 2015

6:00 am: I finally get to see it. The map I’ve been thinking about on and off all summer. The map that dictates how Kevin and I will be spending the next 12 hours of kayaking, mountain biking and running. Immediately we dig in and start plotting the… Continue reading

Kulshan Brewing Co. is Title Sponsor of Kulshan Quest Adventure Race

Registration open for Recreation and Expert level races set for July 25, 2015 in Bellingham, WA.

BELLINGHAM, Wash., July 15th, 2015—Recreation Northwest announces that Kulshan Brewing Co. will again be the title sponsor for the 2015 Kulshan Quest Adventure Race, which takes place July 25, 2015 in Bellingham, Wash.

Adventure races like the Kulshan Quest are gaining in… Continue reading

Account From a First Time Adventure Racer

Kulshan Quest was an awesome experience..Sarah and I were the only all woman team and the only women participating in the 6 hour race. And I can’t remember for sure, but I think we may have also been the only first-time adventure racers too. We hit every single check point including all the bonus points and had a fantastic… Continue reading

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