Visitor Spending Effects – Economic Contributions of National Park Visitor Spending

Here’s an interesting page on the economic impact of visitation to our National Parks. 

Visitor Spending Effects – Economic Contributions of National Park Visitor Spending

This interactive tool is a collaboration between the National Park Service and the U.S. Geological Survey and displays results from the Visitor Spending Effects report series. Economic contributions of National Park Service visitor spending… Continue reading

National Parks RX Day is good medicine – April 29th, 2018

National Parks RX Day is good medicine   City of Bellingham and Recreation Northwest to offer a dose of nature at Fairhaven Park

Melissa Bianconi, Recreation Manager

Bellingham Parks and Recreation and Recreation Northwest are collaborating to offer a variety of guided walks at Fairhaven Park in celebration of National Park RX Day, on April 29. The two… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Water Trails at Basecamp – Tuesday, April 10th

We are wrapping up winter with our final Basecamp event of the season. Join us at Stones Throw Brewery with fellow Recreationists to talk some shop with other cool folks. We’ll be in the back of the pub down in the fire pit out back. Come be a part of the conversation that helps drive our outdoor recreation community. … Continue reading

Ask your Doctor if Disafear is right for you

We are proud of our Parkscriptions program. 

Here’s a fun spoof on medication for skiers. Remember, laughter is good medicine. 

Disafear – Extra Strength

With the mystical ability to make apprehension completely and immediately vanish

Formulated for: Erasing Doubt ~ Gnarshralping ~ Momentary glory

Not recommended for those with a propensity for making bad life choices. Do… Continue reading

Fairhaven Park Mitigation Planting sites

We are proud of the work that we accomplished in 2017, installing the new trail and wetland boardwalk. With our commitment to this project, we are responsible for the maintenance of our 4 mitigation areas. Listed below are the areas and the plants that we will be caring for in the years to come. 

Wetland Trail Abandonment 2,675… Continue reading

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