Company Teams Go Local in 2012 Bellingham Traverse

Friday, September 14th

Bellingham, WA – This Saturday, 20 Company Teams will be going head to head against each other and other “Spawners” competing in the Bellingham Traverse. This program gets employees, friends and family together to put together a team for the multi-sport event that celebrates the lifecycle of salmon demonstrating the natural and urban challenges they… Continue reading

The ONE for 2012 Bellingham Traverse

For 2012, we have modified our fundraising structure. See the full story here: Out of BAIT- looking for THE ONE.

We have chosen the ONE non-profit that will be the beneficiary of the 2012 Bellingham Traverse. The selection criterion was three fold: Mission, Community Involvement, and Fundraising. The final list came down to Conservation Northwest, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association,… Continue reading

Mountain Bike course CHANGE

News Flash: Mountain Bike Course Change (why didn’t we did we do this earlier?)

After our volunteer meeting tonight, Padden Transition Captain, Mike McAuley, had the great idea that we should simplify (but doesn’t shorten) the mountain bike course. It was an executive decision that makes sound sense. Please make sure that your mountain biker knows that the… Continue reading

Chinook (solo) Spawners

Dear Chinook,

We applaud your efforts. This course was designed with you in mind. Here’s some special treatment to help you out during the day:

Take care of yourself. There will be one water stop on the first run, otherwise you are on your own for food and water. We will have water at the transitions if you need… Continue reading

Olympia Traverse- How to do it

We’re a week away from the 2nd Olympia Traverse.  If you’ve done this before or something similar you probably have an idea of how to do it.  If you’re new to this or unfamiliar with the area, here’s some information to help you have a fun, successful race.

Packets will contain detailed driving directions to navigate to/ from… Continue reading

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