The BIG News

Friends of the Traverse,

This year, we are proud to be hosting the 12th Annual Bellingham Traverse– and we thank you for your support over the years. What an amazing experience it has been for me over that span of time. We have expanded our operations into Olympia and will be adding another event to our portfolio this year for kids! Thank you for all your support.

Over the years, I have relied on a strong core of people as my advisors and support to make it all happen. We are proud to finally be formalizing these relationships by creating a new non-profit  . Here’s the BIG News:

Our new organization will be Recreation Northwest and I will be the Executive Director with a solid board to support us. I am proud to announce the founding Board of Directors for Recreation Northwest as follows:

Adam Lent, President
Kurt Baumgarten, Vice President
Al Ragan, Treasurer
David Laws, Secretary
Mike McAuley
Dean Fearing

Recreation Northwest’s purpose is to host recreational events in the Northwest. Our portfolio of events includes Bellingham Kids Traverse, Olympia Traverse, and Bellingham Traverse.

With a select group of people, we will be exploring the opportunities to encourage public health; open space stewardship: and/or other avenues through complementary programmatic work. We are fortunate to live in a region with many caring organizations, we feel we have the opportunity to position ourselves strongly as representatives for recreation and related endeavors.

I would especially like to thank April Claxton who has volunteered her time to help me get all of the ducks in a row to launch our new organization and be prepared to host 3 great events in the year to come. Working with her has been a delight. I am lucky to have her at the table and we are lucky to have her in our community. Give her a big hug the next time you see and thank her for all she does.

Yours truly,



Todd Elsworth, Executive Director

Recreation Northwest


2013 Recreation Northwest Calendar

June 29th, 2013- Bellingham Kids Traverse
July 27th, 2013 – Olympia Traverse 

September 21st, 2013 – Bellingham Traverse 

Bellingham Kids Traverse – June 29th, 2013
The first annual Bellingham Kids Traverse will be held at Civic Field. Relay teams for 6-14 yr/old and solo divisions for 11-14 yr/old. 1 mi. Run, 1.5 mi. Mountain Bike, .5 mi. Obstacle Course, .25 mi Team TREK to finish. To Benefit: YMCA.

Bellingham Kids Traverse Course Description
1 mi. Run

The Run Course starts in the stadium at Civic Field and run down the hill past Geri Fields along Puget Street down to Fraser Street. Course crosses over and winds through Salmon Woods trails below the Dirt Jump Park and Gladstone Street. Trail climbs up through the woods on a steady path to cross over and re-enter the grassy area behind the stadium for the transition.

1.5 mi. Mountain Bike
The Mountain Bike Course will be a variation of the Thriller Cross (see: cyclocross) course a mix of thick grass, asphalt paths, compact gravel, sandy dirt, concrete, and potentially snow! Actually, it’s zamboni ice shavings, but you can’t tell the difference. The course is about 1.5 mi with about 80? elevation gain. It will offer a great challenge for the kids. The transition will be on the grassy area behind the stadium.

.5 mi. Obstacle Course
The Obstacle Course will be set up on the main field and offer a combination of challenges that will cause the kids to go up, over, around and through. You will be able to watch your kids from the sidelines or in the stands. If you’d like a closer view, please volunteer.

.25 mi TREK to finish
The teams of kids all get together for the Team TREK in the transition area in the stadium and run onto the track and around one lap to finish in front of the main stadium bleachers as a group (or solo for the tough kids).

Olympia Traverse – July 27th, 2013
Olympia Traverse – A multi-sport adventure relay race for solo, tandem, relay, and Company Teams celebrating the life cycle of wild salmon. The course starts out mountain biking (7.4 mi) in the Capitol Forest; winds its way road biking (22 mi) through Thurston County; paddling in Budd Inlet from West Bay to Swantown Boatworks (3.5 mi); running (4.5 mi) out to Priest Point Park and back to the Hands On Children’s Museum. Teams meet at HOCM to begin their final 1/2 mile “Team Trek” to the finish line at Port Plaza.

Bellingham Traverse – September 21st, 2013
Bellingham Traverse -A multi-sport event celebrating the life cycle of wild salmon and the natural and urban challenges of their journey. Solo, tandem and relay teams challenge themselves and one another on a rugged course that highlights the City of Bellingham’s Parks, Greenways System, bike-friendly roads, and open water opportunities for recreation. The course includes a Greenways Run (5.5 mi); Mountain Bike (6.0 mi); Road Bike (18 mi.); Trail Run (3.4 mi) ; Paddle (3.6 mi.); Team TREK (0.65 mi.)

As co-founder and executive director of Recreation Northwest, Todd promotes outdoor recreation and brings people together to enjoy, preserve and improve the places where we play.

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