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Bellingham’s Sustainable Art & Retail Festival

5 Hours
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Nature Immersion
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1. Casual
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1. Beginner


  • March 12, 2022
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12:00pm Bellingham's Sustainable Art & Retail Festival Begins

5:00pm Sustainable Art & Retail Festival Concludes

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Come stop by the Bellingham’s Sustainable Art & Retail Festival and say hello to our Program Coordinator Caleb Savage who will be there tabling the event. There will be take home nature craft activities for the whole family to enjoy! There will also be some local Bellingham maps showcasing the diverse range of trails in the area. 

There may also be some nature-based trivia questions. If you don’t know the answer, there will be some field guides to help further educate yourself. 

Here is the official write up: 

Redefining Retail Now. Our Arts & Sustainability Festival will take place at the Depot Market Square featuring local businesses, artists, and various nonprofits to showcase all that Bellingham has to offer. Two years into COVID and we are all learning to live with whatever life throws at us. This festival is a celebration of our beautiful community and its commitment to shopping locally and sustainability.

This festival is intended to help consumers connect directly with local businesses and highlight how to access reliable retail that fits our cultural values. Come support, shop, learn & socialize with local businesses working hard to make art and sell products/services that enhance a better way of living! 

Bellingham Handmade utilizes networking skills as an opportunity to gather as community members and to put our organizations and businesses right in front of real people. We believe in creating opportunities for the value you have to offer as a professional to be seen, felt & heard authentically.