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Stress Reduction in Nature

4 Hours
Tour Type:
Nature Immersion
Group size:
6 Maximum
Activity Level:
2. Easy Active
Skill Level:
1. Beginner


  • October 22, 2021
Total: 60
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10am Meet at the Fairhaven Park Upper Shelter 107 Chuckanut Dr. N, Bellingham, WA 98225

10:15am Nature Stress Reduction Experience Begins

1:45pm Wrap-Up & Closing Circle

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Beach Creek Fauna Flora Forest
Shuttle Walking

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This guided experience will teach you how to reduce stress through outdoor relaxation tools and methods. Connecting to the natural elements and grounding yourself through sensory techniques. We will use movement, observation, and deep breathing.  

An underlying intention of this experience is for participants to slow down, feel more restored and connect to nature, others, and themselves.  

A connection to nature is essential to human health and well being. 


We as an organization are adhering to the latest scientific data and safety measures regarding Covid-19 in alignment with the local health department. With all this in mind, we acknowledge the benefits of getting you outside in nature with respect to mental health.


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