Quest Club

Enjoy trail running, mt. biking, kayaking, and strategy?

The Quest Adventure Racing Club is dedicated to getting people informed and involved in the world of adventure racing.  We will have club outings and clinics to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to explore the world of adventure racing.



What is Adventure Racing you ask?  Here is what the US Adventure Racing Association has to say about it:

Adventure Racing (AR) is a team sport which combines multiple disciplines and is usually set in forests/mountains around trails and lakes. Most common disciplines include trekking (walking, hiking, running), mountain biking and paddling. Races come in different lengths including Sprint (usually 2 – 6 hours), 12 hour (usually 6 – 12 hours), 24 hour (usually 18 – 30 hours), Multi-Day (usually 36 – 48 hours) and Expedition (usually 3 – 11 days). The primary focus of AR is teamwork as most races are designed for teams of 2-4 racers with very few allowing solo entries. There is also no set course as there are a series of checkpoints (CPs) that each team must attain but usually are allowed to get them in any order. As teams reach CPs they use a supplied passport to mark off that CP (either a signature for a manned CP, hole punch, or other similar device). Map reading and other navigation skills are vital as the use of GPS devices is strictly forbidden.


Want to get involved? 

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