2017 Registration will be open until 7pm, Thursday September 28th.


There is no day of registration. You are encouraged to sign up early, it makes it easier on all of us.

Please be prepared with all your teammates contact info: email, phone and age so you can complete your team registration.

If you have a coupon code, have that ready too.

Register Today!

3 hour:

Double $140
Triple $210
Quad $280

12 hour:

Double $260
Triple $390
Quad $520

Kayak Rentals: $50 per boat (any size)

Lodging: $40 per person for the weekend at Camp Moran (aka Race HQ)

We encourage you to race as part of a team, for safety, but mostly for fun. If you are interested in competing solo, please contact us at Info@QuestAdventureRaces.com. 

We hope to see you September 30th on Orcas Island.

checkpoint photo op

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