April dose of Parkscriptions inspiration

There is so much research coming out of why it’s beneficial to spend time outside that we wanted to share it with you. Here are some of the best tidbits from the past months.

National Parks RX Day is good medicine
City of Bellingham and Recreation Northwest to offer a dose of nature at Fairhaven Park.

New park finder website helps doctors prescribe nature
“I’d make the argument that, shoot, if you eat right and exercise that will take care of 90 percent of your problems,” Anderson said.

Forest Bathing in Cowichan is more than a walk in the woods
Healing with trees: the benefits of Forest Bathing, and how to do it.

‘Park Prescriptions’ Can Help Lower Stress Levels
People who visited parks and other nature spots more frequently saw a small but steady drop in their stress levels, researchers say.


April is co-founder and co-Executive Director for Recreation Northwest. She has a passion for place and loves exploring, experiencing and sharing the beauty of the pacific northwest.


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